The Glue, with Eric Fingerhut

How the U.S. rallied 300,000 people for Israel

Episode Summary

On November 14, people from across the United States boarded buses, trains, and airplanes to rally on behalf of Israel on the national mall, "America's front porch." How did the March for Israel, which came together in under two weeks, become the largest pro-Israel gathering in American history?

Episode Notes

In this episode, Jewish Federations of North America President Eric Fingerhut discusses how the March for Israel came together with William Daroff, who heads the Conference of American Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. The Cleveland Crew is joined by Erika Rudin-Luria of Cleveland's Jewish Federation to explore what drove so many people to show up, the obstacles they faced, what this moment in American history means, and how it all affects Israel going forward.

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